Islam - The Religion of Peace

The face of the Religion of Peace

As images of the doomed James Foley fill the airwaves throughout the world, I can’t help but notice the deafening silence from the American Muslim community. Day after day we see and hear of horrible news flowing from Iraq and Syria like thick red blood flowing from an open artery, yet, not a peep from CAIR, except for their expected “form fill press release” that is released following any event that proves the “Religion of Peace” is anything but. Al Jazeera America has NOTHING above the fold on their website today portraying American Muslims protesting in the streets against the evil and monstrous beheading of an American Journalist.

Not one word.

So where are they, these compassionate and peaceful American Muslims? Since 9/11, we’ve been told by our political leaders that Islam is not the enemy, that Muslims are our friends and undeserving of extra scrutiny. We have been told that they are our neighbors and allies and that they “built the very fabric of America.” In fact, anybody who so even suspects that a Muslim could be up to no good is labeled a racist (which isn’t correct. Islam is not a race. It is a religion…).

So where were the “founders of America” when one of their own was brutally beheaded in the Middle East desert? I sure as hell didn’t see them block up the Brooklyn Bridge in protest… oh wait, yes I did. However, it had NOTHING to do with denouncing terrorism but instead had everything to do with the destruction of the Jews.

The moderate Muslim is irrelevant

Here’s some food for thought:

When 25% of the Religion of Peace is hell-bent on the destruction of western civilization, and are making great strides in doing so, the silent 75% who claim to be peaceful become completely irrelevant.

And when the Islamic State eventually kill American citizens on American soil, can we expect to see the American Muslim community stand up and finally take their Religion of Peace back from these monsters?

I wish I could say “yes,” but, history has an uncanny ability of repeating itself.