There’s a buzz in the media being perpetuated by the Democrats – otherwise, it probably wouldn’t even be in the news, right? It’s assertions that Republicans in the House are working towards an impeachment of President Barrack Hussein Obama. Though vehemently denied by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the mere suggestion of such a movement has brought the Democrat Party a decent sum in campaign contributions.

Nixon vs. ObamaWhile there are plenty of arguments out there with regard to justification in pursuing an impeachment process (some of which illustrated in this image), the efforts being lead by Boehner in the House are simply to put the President and all his actions in check. At a breakfast held by the Christian Science Monitor July 30, 2014, Paul Ryan added his voice to attempts in clarifying the intent of the Republican Party in saying, “What John [Boehner] is doing is expressing frustration that we are not using the power of the purse, so he’s trying to stand up for congressional prerogatives and that is why the lawsuit has intellectual merit, because we want to show that we’re not going to take this lying down. The President is issuing executive orders and regulations that exceed the parameters of the statutes that gave him the authority in the first place.”

What the Republicans are finally doing, after almost one and a half terms of this president stepping all over the rule of law, is using the authority our Founding Fathers gave the House to turn to the court system and say to notion put out by the President as illustrated earlier:

John Boehner Balance of Powers