So, tell us, Mr. President. What exactly does a fair tax look like? You accuse corporations of leaving the country to get out of paying their “fair share” of taxes, yet you open the boarders to people your administration are reclassifying as “refugees” in order to justify providing them safe harbor. Your record on deporting illegal aliens is weak, to say the least, and the number of people in this country who aren’t paying taxes continues to grow on your watch. What about addressing the loopholes for the individuals remaining in this country who aren’t paying taxes? Those individuals who you continue building government dependency in so they are actually discouraged from doing more because there’s a huge step between qualifying for government benefits and actually being able to provide for yourself. The tax bracket system is a huge obstacle to overcome when aspiring to success in this country. I would wager, if our tax system wasn’t so punitive, and was actually fair, you wouldn’t see so many businesses moving operations elsewhere. They aren’t escaping fair taxes, they are escaping overbearing taxes, fees and regulation.

To see just how unfair our tax system is, look at how our 2014 Married Filing Jointly taxes are set up:

Married Filing Jointly and Surviving Spouses | 2014

Taxable Income Amount Taxed Impact on Household
 Not over $18,150  10% – or up to $1,815  Minimal – These households may qualify for huge Tax “Returns” which are massive loopholes, redistributing wealth through the IRS rather than using government programs to aid them.
 Over $18,150, but no over $73,800  $1,815 plus 15% of excess over $18,150  This group ranges from living in a state of poverty to middle class. With $73,800 taxable income, the federal taxes owed amounts to $10,162.50
 Over $73,800, but not over $148,850  $10,162.50 plus 25% of excess over $73,800  A 10% increase in tax responsibility, and this group is “upper middle class”??? At $148,850 taxable income, the tax bill amounts to $28,925!!! That’s almost twice as much in annual taxes as a minimum wage earner makes in a year! ($7.25 x 40 hrs x 52 weeks = $15,080)
 Over $148,850, but not over $226,850  $28,925 plus 28% of excess over $148,850  At least here, the leap is only 3% in additional tax burden. These households are in the top 20% to top 5% in income earners. With a taxable income of $226,850, the tax bill would be $50,765. This is just a little less than the median household income in the U.S. in 2013!!!
 Over $226,850, but not over $405,100  $50,765 plus 33% of excess over $226,850  Can I just say I love the use of the word “excess” in how the IRS sets the tax responsibility? As if to say anything above a certain income is excess. If we’re going to use a progressive tax system, why not use the word “increase”? … plus X% of increase over $XXX,XXX.$109,587.50 would be the tax burden on a family reporting $405,100 in taxable income. More than double the median household income.
 Over $405,100, but not over $457,600  $109,587.50 plus 35% of excess over $405,100  Alright… this bracket created for a $52,500 income difference just has me confused… Still an absurd amount of federal taxes these households are paying, though!
 Over $457,600  $127,962.50 plus 39.6% of excess over $457,600  These households have a tax burden that starts at $127,962.50 each year!

And, this is fair???!!!

In a report found on CNN (The rich pay majority of U.S. income taxes), the following graph illustrates how the tax burden has gradually increased on the top 10% earners and has fallen for the the remaining 90%.
Rich Pay Majority of Taxes


How about we don’t just close said loopholes for businesses/corporations, and we scrub the loopholes and escape hatches for everyone as a whole? Wouldn’t that be fair? Instead of most Americans filing their “Tax Returns”, why not go with a straight forward “Tax Reporting” system? This way, the poor don’t get wealth redistributed to them through excess taxing of those earning more. And, the wealthier will still be paying more in taxes. Here’s how it could look with a 12% Flat Tax:

Taxable Income Amount Taxed Impact on Household
 Not over $18,150  12% or $0 up to $2,178  Still minimal, considering many of these families qualify for Food Stamps, Health Care, etc.
 Over $18,150, but no over $73,800  12% or $2,178.12 to $8,856  Means about $2,000 less per year for the higher end of these tax payers.
 Over $73,800, but not over $148,850  12% or $8,856.12 to $17,862  Hey… No 10% increase in tax burden for simply achieving a greater level of success! Still about as much paid in taxes at the top of this income range as the highest earner makes in the current lowest tax bracket.
 Over $148,850, but not over $226,850 12% or $17,862.12 to $27,222  Instead of $50,765, the higher end of this bracket would paying about half what the median household income is.
 Over $226,850, but not over $405,100  12% or $27,222.12 to $48,612  Top earners in this group pay almost as much as the median household brings in, as opposed to double.
 Over $405,100, but not over $457,600  12% or $48,612.12 to $54,912  These guys still pay annual taxes about equal to the median household income.
 Over $457,600  12% or $54,912 on up.  You get the picture.

This corrupt tax system is creating a majority of Americans seeking dependence on the government, whereas, the government our founders established was fully intended to depend on it’s people. The successes of Bill Gates, actors in Hollywood, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Mitt Romney, etc. don’t in any way limit anyone else’s ability to succeed. The increase in tax burden on those who do succeed with such a punitively progressive tax system and our nations growing dependence on government assistance are far more damning to American success. The debate we need to have is how to increase the wealth of Americans at every level of income. We shouldn’t focus on the gap between income of the top 10 percent and the bottom 10% and what it is, so long as the bottom 10% are still seeing their income grow. I guarantee, were it not for the efforts of top 10% wage earners, the bottom 10% wouldn’t have the income they do. Minimizing the wealth of the top earners through taxation doesn’t make the poor any more independently wealthier, rather it makes them more dependent on government.

So, President Obama… Are you really trying to make things fair in this country through your socialistic policies, or trying to give the illusion of equality, regardless of individual effort? I agree with one statement Pres. Obama has made regarding the current tax system. “Warren Buffet’s secretary shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than Warren Buffet.” The sentiment is true, though the facts behind the statement weren’t exactly true. (Read more at By eliminating the multiple tax loopholes encouraged in the current system, flattening the tax rate across all incomes, and ending the redistribution practice of “TAX RETURNS” and have Americans simply file their taxes, there won’t be 47% percent of Americans not paying taxes nor will there be top 1% earners writing off their wealth to pay virtually “zero taxes”.

Regardless of how you want to redefine reality, a few people have make incredible statements that history has only proven to be true, yet you, your administration and an alarming number of Americans seem to be dismissive of such hard facts:

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.'


The government continues to demonize the group of citizens who, though only making up 10% of the population, pay 70%+ of the taxes. And, what is the government doing with the income of our middle and upper class citizens? Our debt grows exponentially, unemployment is staggering, we continue sending money overseas to countries who despise us, more and more government jobs are being created… And rather than focusing on real issues affecting the general public, we have debates and court cases about whether a company should be forced to pay for abortions in their benefits and pressure for government to pay for sex changes?!

Our politicians need to learn the same hard lessons our middle and upper  income earners understand: “There’s not such thing as a free lunch.” and “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.” If you, Mr. President, and the rest of the people who think as you do, want this country to really win, perhaps you could adopt this policy from Dave Ramsey:

'You can't be in debt and win. It doesn't work.'

- Dave Ramsey