Political Correctness

Good ‘Ole Days in Hollywood

Remember those days when Hollywood would shine in reminding us of how great our country is, rather than teaming together to tear it down? When patriotism to what America stood for was applauded? While many seem to forget, here are a few moments from days past that I’ve been reminded of that make me […]

Beck Giving “The President’s Speech”

There were many words spoken by Obama in his speech addressing ISIS and Russia (see the President’s full speech here), but really didn’t say much at the same time. After hearing this segment of Glenn Beck speaking on his show, I find myself wishing a leader could be so bold as to admit to […]

Conservatism is Calling

One of the greatest videos I’ve seen recently that addresses the heart of not just conservatism, but what it is to be an American: Free and surrounded by Opportunity!

Over the last 30 years, as government has grown more and more liberal, it’s amazing that so many fail to see exactly how this government we’re […]

Where is the Religion of Peace?

As images of the doomed James Foley fill the airwaves throughout the world, I can’t help but notice the deafening silence from the American Muslim community. Day after day we see and hear of horrible news flowing from Iraq and Syria like thick red blood flowing from an open artery, yet, not a peep […]

Illegal is Illegal, Regardless of Origin

The Political Correct Police are out there trying to change the narrative once again. Comparing the term “illegal” to a racial slur equivalent of the “N” word or gender attraction slurs is taking P.C. to a whole new level of insane. The work “illegal” does not in any way or form refer to one’s […]