Conservatism is Calling

One of the greatest videos I’ve seen recently that addresses the heart of not just conservatism, but what it is to be an American: Free and surrounded by Opportunity!

Over the last 30 years, as government has grown more and more liberal, it’s amazing that so many fail to see exactly how this government we’re […]

Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes – Obama

So, tell us, Mr. President. What exactly does a fair tax look like? You accuse corporations of leaving the country to get out of paying their “fair share” of taxes, yet you open the boarders to people your administration are reclassifying as “refugees” in order to justify providing them safe harbor. Your record on […]

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling

Protection of religious freedoms: 1
All other opposing causes: 0

For me the above image captures the ignorance on display for so many who were against the owners of Hobby Lobby – or any other businesses potentially impacted by Obamacare. “Hey Supreme Court. NO BOSSES IN MY BEDROOM” The irony is, these employees do in fact […]