There were many words spoken by Obama in his speech addressing ISIS and Russia (see the President’s full speech here), but really didn’t say much at the same time. After hearing this segment of Glenn Beck speaking on his show, I find myself wishing a leader could be so bold as to admit to failing to have the correct view on the world and owning up to mistakes made, but resolving to rise above the political fray in order to correct wrongs and make wiser decisions moving forward.

Our leaders in this country used to be men of substance and character, who put country over politics. There are still people us such character, somewhere among us. How is that we’ve failed as a people to put those men and women into office and positions of power and keep putting politicians in office who put the America our founders bled and died for to preserve in the back seat of their political careers? But as long as we make our voting decisions based on the flavor of the words we hear over the choices and actions made, we’re going to find ourselves going further and further from the kind of leadership we need to maintain and preserve our country.

A little less conversation a little more action… As Elvis would say.